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Our Special Project: Tunnel to Towers Do Good Village Special Sponsor Gift.

Tunnel To Towers Foundation  logo on metal
Tunnel To Towers foundation Challenge Coin

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation's "Do Good Village" is an innovative and compassionate housing community designed to support the families of fallen first responders, injured veterans, and Gold Star families. Located in Land O' Lakes, Florida, this unique village aims to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where these families can rebuild their lives and find a sense of community.

The Do Good Village will feature approximately 100 homes, each mortgage-free, alleviating the financial burden on families who have already sacrificed so much. The community is designed not just as a residential area but as a holistic support network, offering amenities and resources tailored to the needs of its residents. This includes community centers, recreational facilities, and programs focused on mental health, wellness, and family support.

By creating a dedicated space where families of heroes can live and thrive together, the Do Good Village embodies the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's commitment to honoring and supporting those who have given so much in service to their country and communities. This initiative represents a significant step in providing lasting, meaningful assistance to those who need it most. for more information about the village, please visit

Tunnel to Towers Do Good Village Gift

We are thrilled and honored to announce that our company had the distinct privilege of creating a special challenge coin gift, complete with a handcrafted wooden plaque holder, for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's Do Good Village. This unique token of appreciation is designed to celebrate and support the remarkable community dedicated to the families of fallen first responders and injured veterans. Our collaboration with Tunnel to Towers underscores our commitment to honoring those who have sacrificed so much for our safety and freedom. We are proud to contribute to the Do Good Village's mission of providing a supportive and nurturing environment for these heroic families.

This antique silver, extra-large round coin serves as a heartfelt token of appreciation for the generous contributions made by sponsors.

The front of the coin comes in two distinct versions. Version one showcases a raised tree, representing growth, resilience, and hope, also with "Let Us Do Good Village" engraved at the bottom. The back of the coin features the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's raised silver logo, with "2023 Sponsor" engraved at the bottom, commemorating the year of their invaluable support.

Version two features engraved bricks, symbolizing the strong foundation and collective effort behind the village, with the words "Let Us Do Good Village" engraved across the bottom. This coin is not only a symbol of gratitude but also a reminder of the ongoing mission to honor the legacy of those who have sacrificed so much for their country and communities.

Tunnel To Towers sponsor thank you plaque.
Tunnel To Towers Sponsor thank you plaque.

To further honor these sponsors, the coin is included with a custom wood challenge coin holder and plaque. This beautifully crafted plaque not only provides a distinguished display for the coin but also serves as a lasting tribute to the sponsors' commitment to the foundation's mission. The combination of the antique silver coin and the custom wood plaque creates a meaningful keepsake that symbolizes both gratitude and the enduring impact of their support.

Tunnel To Towers sponsor thank you plaque and custom coin holder
Tunnel To Towers sponsor thank you plaque and Custom Coin Holder

Whether you're a supporter of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation or simply appreciate finely crafted memorabilia, this video will give you an in-depth look at a truly meaningful piece.

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